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MIKRO were formed in 1997 in Thessaloniki/Greece by Nick Bitzenis (aka nikonn) and John Lefkaditis. They are a four member electronic band with electro/pop/indie dance sound. All these under the umbrella of electronic sound and with two vocalists (a male and a female). They have released 8 studio albums,2 soundtracks,a lot of CD and digital singles and remixes. Their latest album "New" released on April 2014 by UNDO records. MIKRO lives are a mix of MIKRO's songs combined with loops,other songs,remixes and video projections creating an up-tempo interactive party feeling.


Who we are

MIKRO are:

Nikonn > programming,synths,vocals

John Lefkaditis > guitars, bass, saxophone, synths

Chloe Ann > vocals, synths

5irc > drums & pads

For discography visit UNDO records

A bit of history

Special Gigs

Mikro have given many exquisite concerts such as their Hooverphonic support and later on Morrissey, where they literally stole the show with their on-stage energy. The One-day Festival in Athens certainly stood out, where Mikro played live with Ladytron, Client and Depeche Modes Andy Fletcher. In March 2002 they gave an extraordinary concert in London at a club where MIXMAGs parties take place and is the hang-out for Ninja Tunes projects, Cargo. In a place like this, Mikro proved that their sound has nothing to be jealous of the one from abroad and was also proved by the audiences enthusiasm, who were not only Greek in majority! Following this response, Mikro appeared in April 2004 once again in Great Britain (London: Notting Hills Art Club, Coventry: Colosseum, Leicester: Sumo). Their concerts were a big hit. Among the spectators in London were members of Archive who didnt stop dancing at Mikros tunes!

In May 2004 MIKRO appeared live in Nokias Totally Board event that took place in Thessaloniki with the band Rasmus. Another special event was in Rhodes where MIKRO performed live with Puressence. During Olympic Games in Athens Mikro performed successfully and gave 4 concerts at the center of Omonia Square, in front of a cheering crowd. Another memorable event was Nokia Trends, an alternative festival combining music, mobility and multimedia arts, on May 26 2006. Thousands of young people had the chance to dance to the R&B sounds of Kelis, savour the alternative rock rhythm of The Raveonettes, as well as party to the electro sounds of MIKRO, Mikael Delta and Timo Maas. In June 2006 MIKRO played live with electro band Chicks on speed in Athens during the European Forum.

MIKRO's Impact

Radio producers are happy to play Mikros tracks on their shows: from Nick Harcourt, the man who discovered Smashing Pumpkins, to KCRW, an independent radio station in Los Angeles who promotes new music, who accidentally happened to listen to the Aspri Sokolata single. Since they discovered Mikro they started playing their album tracks very often on their shows.

Another impact arrived from America, this time from Mexico. Some producers from an unconventional TV show (a documentary that follows the creators-leads to the various continents) came to Athens during the Olympic Games summer to get exclusive live shots and an interview by Mikro.

MIKRO also attract advertising producers and television commercials. You can hear Mikros songs and tunes as well as remixes in major TV commercials, such as mobile companies, adds for soft drinks, ice-creams, coffees and chewing gums. The band have also produced and remixed songs for Greek TV shows and serials. They have remixed 24000 baci, the well known Italian song from Adriano Celentano that is on the titles of the serial Safe Sex. A song from their latest album 180 mires called Sahara has been used for the soundtrack of ScoobyDoo in American television.